Useful Services and Apps

EASY: Get to know Trondheim on your cell phone © Miriam Haug
EASY: Get to know Trondheim on your cell phone Miriam Haug

We're big fans of everything that makes life a bit easier. Especially when they’re downloadable. So let’s jump straight into our top 7 picks every new citizen should consider!

Check these out

  • AtB app
    The greater Trondheim region has a great public transportation system. For most people, commuting by bus is a simple, accessible and cheap way to get from A to B.
  • Entur app
    Takes all the hassle out of buying long distance tickets. Whether you’re commuting by train, or planning your next adventure, make sure to have this app under your belt.
  • YR app
    Norwegians are obsessed with weather. So the free forecast app from the Norwegian Met. Institute helps you with forecasts and conversation starters
  • Banking in "Useful services" overview
    See our page on banking and other useful tips once you've arrived in Trondheim
  • Vipps app
    Vipps is an app designed to easily and swiftly send/receive money to and from your acquaintances. All you need is their phone number!
  • Digipost site
    Allows you to receive important information directly from the government – straight to your digital mailbox
  • Bysykkel app
    Bysykkel is the Norwegian word for city bike. Quite self explanatory, no? You pay a yearly fee, and through the app you'll have access to bikes located around the city
  • website
    Ut simply means "out" or "outside". The site and accompanying app offers a wide selection of hikes for beginners all the way up to mountaineers. Enjoy!

And that’s it! Or, well, there are many, many more – but with these apps at your fingertips, life in the greater Trondheim region should be a tad easier.