The Norwegian Tech Capital

BRIGHT IDEAS: More than 140 tech companies in Trondheim are spin-offs from the university (NTNU) and the SINTEF research institution.
BRIGHT IDEAS: More than 140 tech companies in Trondheim are spin-offs from the university (NTNU) and the SINTEF research institution.

A woman is looking at her cell phone in Brazil, a man opens his refrigerator in Italy, a young couple are driving on a toll road in Thailand while a kid in the USA is downloading an app on her phone.

What do all these people have in common? They are using technology created in Trondheim.

The Greater Trondheim Region is home to over 800 different tech companies. That makes 1 tech company for every 375th resident. That is just a part of why Trondheim really is the Norwegian Tech Capital.

In some ways, Trondheim may remind you of the somewhat more famous Silicon Valley. An overstatement, of course, but in the last decade, over 140 tech companies have emerged from the communities surrounding NTNU and SINTEF. Each and every year, between 50 and 70 new tech companies are established. As many as 13 000 people in the region work in the tech industry.

Trondheim, however, is not only an arena for startups and small businesses. Global giants, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, Siemens, Rolls Royce, SAP, to mention a few, are established here, by offices or subsidiaries.

As a result of this, tech clusters have popped up. Small districts where tech companies share office buildings and have their lunch breaks in the same cafeterias. A great place to work and mingle for everyone with a passion for technology.

Some selected Tech Companies from Trondheim:

ARM Norway

What started as an idea in one of the many halls of NTNU, has now become a world spanning supplier of cell phone computer chips. ARM is one of many companies with quite the international workforce, as 53 percent of the employees are from another country than Norway.


Today, Sportradar might be a global company with 2000 employees in total, listed on Nasdaq valued at 8 billion USD.

22 years ago, however, it was a Master's thesis at NTNU.

Sportradar still has offices in Trondheim, even if their headquarters are in Switzerland.

Microchip Technology Norway

Once a student idea, now a Silicon Valley success story. The company has produced more microchips than human beings on the planet.


The quiz app, turning your smartphone into a audience response device, has been a massive success – making learning fun and quizzing easy. It is also a product co-created by NTNU professor Alf Inge Wang, making it yet another tech success straight out of Trondheim.

Nordic Semiconductor

Founded in Trondheim all the way back in 1983, Nordic Semiconductor is somewhat of a veteran in Trondheims tech jungle.

It has become a world leading company in Bluetooth technology, aiming to make your life as wireless as it can be. 500 employees work out of its headquarters in Trondheim.


Another veteran, Q-Free has been around since 1984, developing traffic management technology to customers around the globe. Today, the company has offices in 14 different countries, but the headquarters is still in Trondheim.


With over 30 million active users and 400 million downloads, Zedge is the number 1 phone personalization app in the world.

Even if the company is officially registered in the USA, having offices around the world, the headquarters is in the same city as it was founded: Trondheim.