The Norwegian Tech Capital

Sunset over the Trondheim fjord. © Tormod Igelø Ellingsen
Sunset over the Trondheim fjord. Tormod Igelø Ellingsen

A woman is looking at her cell phone in Brazil, a man opens his refrigerator in Italy, a young couple are driving on a toll road in Thailand while a kid in the USA is downloading an app on her phone.

What do all these people have in common? They are using technology created in Trondheim.

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    Tech port is an advocacy group for tech companies in the Trondheim region. Meet-ups, talks, news letters and more
  • Tech capital Trondheim
    An overview of films and media produced up until 2021 showing what tech companies in Trondheim are doing

The Greater Trondheim Region is home to over 800 different tech companies. That makes 1 tech company for every 375th resident. That is just a part of why Trondheim really is the Norwegian Tech Capital.

In some ways, Trondheim may remind you of the somewhat more famous Silicon Valley. An overstatement, of course, but in the last decade, over 140 tech companies have emerged from the communities surrounding NTNU and SINTEF. Each and every year, between 50 and 70 new tech companies are established. As many as 13 000 people in the region work in the tech industry.

Trondheim, however, is not only an arena for startups and small businesses. Global giants, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, Siemens, Rolls Royce, SAP, to mention a few, are established here, by offices or subsidiaries.

As a result of this, tech clusters have popped up. Small districts where tech companies share office buildings and have their lunch breaks in the same cafeterias. A great place to work and mingle for everyone with a passion for technology.

Some examples of tech companies in Trondheim

  • Arm
    What started as an idea in one of the many halls of NTNU, has now become a world spanning supplier of cell phone computer chips. ARM is one of many companies with quite the international workforce, as 53 percent of the employees are from another country than Norway.
  • Sportradar
    Today, Sportradar might be a global company with 2000 employees in total, listed on Nasdaq valued at 8 billion USD. 22 years ago, however, it was a Master's thesis at NTNU. Sportradar still has offices in Trondheim, even if their headquarters are in Switzerland.
  • Microchip
    Once a student idea, now a Silicon Valley success story. The company has produced more microchips than human beings on the planet.
  • Nordic Semiconductor
    Nordic Semiconductor is somewhat of a veteran in Trondheims tech jungle. It has become a world leading company in Bluetooth technology, aiming to make your life as wireless as it can be. 500 employees work out of its headquarters in Trondheim.
  • Qfree
    Another veteran, Q-Free has been around since 1984, developing traffic management technology to customers around the globe. Today, the company has offices in 14 different countries, but the headquarters is still in Trondheim.
  • Zedge
    With over 30 million active users and 400 million downloads, Zedge is the number 1 phone personalization app in the world. Even if the company is officially registered in the USA, having offices around the world, the headquarters is in the same city as it was founded: Trondheim.
  • Touchnetix
    Leading the way in making capacitive touchscreens and sensor modules that work in extreme environments. Providing solutions for industrial, automotive, medical and other sectors.
  • Autronica
    Through technology, process and service Autronica aims to completely eliminate danger caused by fire and gas, safeguarding people and property at all times. Autronica is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety worldwide.
  • Volue
    Volue is a leading supplier of technology and enabler of the green transition. Their mission is to realise a cleaner and more profitable future for their 2,200+ customers and thus the global society.
  • Washington Mills
    Established in 1962, Washington Mills AS, located in Orkanger, Norway is a leader the manufacture of silicon carbide for the most demanding applications.
  • AquaGen
    Research-oriented breeding company that develops, manufactures, and delivers genetic starter material and fertilized eggs to the global aquaculture industry.
  • Signicat
    Signicat delivers business-critical services to Europe's largest companies, so security and compliance is a big deal for them. Their trusted services are delivered in line with regulatory and best practice requirements.
  • Shawcor (Mattr)
    A leading energy and infrastructure technology company specializing in product, services and solutions utilized in oil and gas, water and wastewater, fuel, transportation and industrial applications
  • Technip
    TechnipFMC is a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energies industry; delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services
  • Equinor (Stjørdal & Trondheim)
    Working to resolve the energy trilemma: climate, affordability, and security. We aim to be a net zero emissions company by 2050
  • Devico
    Leading supplier of directional core drilling services and borehole surveying solutions
  • Fosen Yard
    Offers its customers workmanship based on a century worth of experience. We have continuously kept up with the changing markets and development of new production methods and technologies
  • Maritime Robotics
    Maritime Robotics is revolutionizing the ocean space with innovative uncrewed solutions. Our systems are engineered for seamless surface and aerial operations, delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients
  • CTM Lyng
    Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of home security products, Welfare Technology, Energy Economy, as well as lighting and heat management, for all types of buildings, known under the brands
  • Blueye
    Underwater inspection. A passionate team of 20+ international experts in various fields
  • Breach VR
    Creates services and products where you can connect and interact with all immersive technology fields, we make it possible for you to put yourself in the middle of any scene you can imagine

Clusters and innovation

Trondheim is known as both the tech and knowledge capital of Norway. That isn't only due to NTNU, Sintef and the myriad of academic institutions present here. It is just as much based on the many innovative and ambitious businesses in the Greater Trondheim region. From aquatech via food research to behavioral economcs.

Some clusters to look into

  • MIDSEC and security cluster
    Combining new technology through cooperation between our cluster members, gives us a comparative advantage in a rapidly changing market
  • Renergy
    Accelerate the sustainable transition to a future built on renewable energy and clean technology by developing innovation projects and new energy business models (hydrogen, mobility, energy production and energy systems)
  • Tech port
    Interest organization for the technology capital, because the solutions of the future are created here. Our goal is to increase Norway’s innovation power through closer cooperation. Our focus areas are oceans, health, energy and digitalisation
  • NCE Aquatech Cluster
    NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the worlds biggest clusters operating within the aquaculture sector. Technology, sustainability, knowledge development and knowledge sharing are central
  • Ocean Autonomy Cluster
    Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy. We strongly believe autonomous systems will become essential in the years ahead, such as traffic congestion, climate emissions, and safety challenges at sea when facing increasing demands in logistics
  • NXT Media
    National network and business cluster for tech driven media innovation, based in Trondheim.
  • Wood works
    Our main focus are on the three fields of Wood construction & buildings, on new areas of utilizing wood fibers and on creating value adding to the raw material (availability and qualities). In these 3 areas we do have more than 100 projects ongoing
  • Norwegian Open AI Lab
    The Norwegian Open Artificial Intelligence Lab (NAIL) is a hub for research, education and innovation within AI
  • Driv NTNU
    Student driven health innovation arena at Øya, near St. Olav hospital
  • Ocean Space Centre
    When finished, will be one of the world's most advaned within ocean tech research and education
Analyzis summary of the Trondheim region technology industry per 2022 © Impello (Azets)
— Analyzis summary of the Trondheim region technology industry per 2022 Impello (Azets)
— Analyzis summary of the Trondheim region technology industry per 2022 Impello (Azets)