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Greater Trondheim Region launches a global talent ambassador programme

Greater Trondheim Region and Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry are proud to announce the launch of a global talent ambassador programme in Trondheim. More than 20 carefully selected non-local talents living, studying and working in the region will be awarded an honorary title of “Trondheim Talent Ambassador” and become storytellers of "why Trondheim” to convey the opportunity to study, work and live in the region to like-minded international peers.

CEO of Greater Trondheim Region, Bård Eidet says: ”We are very excited to launch this initiative and work directly with key stakeholders and non-local talent on promoting our region while sharing stories of the value nationwide and international talent can give to our society and region. We look forward to the dialogue, co-creation and fun we will have directly with the non-local talents already here. First and foremost though we welcome the initial opportunity to thank them for being here and recognize them as outstanding individuals.”


The goal is to provide a win-win relationship, where the global talents feel appreciated and get value from the programme through personal branding, competence development, access to key decision makers and fun activities, while the region in return benefits from peer to peer marketing activities utilizing the voice and story of the ambassadors.

The first event will be a reception by the Mayor of Trondheim in Trondheim City Hall in the fall to kick off the Ambassador Programme, followed by a series of meet-ups throughout the year.

The programme is taking applications from non-locals, who have been living, studying or working in Trondheim for at least one year.

Join the Trondheim talent ambassador programme

Do you want to be at the forefront of the Trondheim talent scene and join a unique collaborative platform? Trondheim is looking to carefully select, acknowledge and reward outstanding individuals, who are not originally from the Trondheim region. Applicants must currently be living, studying or working in the region.

What? We want to hear your story and we want to tell it to the world.

We want to improve the perception of Trondheim as an international talent destination and thereby enhance your experience here. This is an exceptional opportunity, where we promise to do our best to make sure you become part of a fun and rewarding programme.

Why should you join (or nominate a friend)?

  • Be recognized for your achievements as a leading talent in Trondheim
  • Be part of an interesting peer to peer storytelling platform, where the story is you
  • Join our community of regional business leaders and shape the talent attraction and retention in our region
  • Meet talents from all over the word, who are also currently working here in Trondheim
  • Have some fun in the Trondheim way mixing business and social life

You may be part of a start-up or larger corporation. You may have come to study here and/or have stayed after completing your degree. Maybe you moved here with your family. Or you are single and are exploring Trondheim step by step (not to worry, we don’t kiss and tell).

Applicants say yes to these points and apply:

  • You have been living studying or working in Trondheim for at least one year
  • Love might be a strong word, but you are at least a fan of Trondheim
  • You are an outgoing person who likes to meet other like minded people
  • Would be interested in networking with businesses, entrepreneurs, and politicians
  • Want to be part of a historic pilot that seeks to showcase Trondheim as a future career destination to the world!

Consider yourself invited to the Trondheim Talent Ambassador network!

Apply directly here :