Relocation Services

Moving to "Møllenberg" borough in Trondheim. © Tormod Igelø Ellingsen
Moving to "Møllenberg" borough in Trondheim. Tormod Igelø Ellingsen

Expats moving to Trondheim might need help with some practicalities. The new employer often helps, but if you are more on your own, here are some tips.

Relocation services often helps you with accommodation, moving, forms and more. Some just help you move and getting your stuff through customs. Check out the different providers to see what suits you best.

Check out these companies to start with

  • on Norway
    Just information and not a personal service provider, but a fair bit of useful info.
  • OnBoard Norway
    Mainly aimed at employers, but useful info for expats about to make the move.
    Offers help in most aspects of moving to Norway.

Help moving your stuff?

Getting quotas from different movers can be useful. Sometimes the cheapest solution is to have your stuff shipped to a main port in Norway and organise the rest of the transportation domestically in Norway.

Here are some useful links

    "Flytte" means "move" or "moving". Here you can get quotas from several different movers. Site run by private developers.
  • Norsk Flytteforbund
    Get quotas from the members of "Norwegian Mover's Association".
    Get quotas for moving and other practical needs you might have in the process. Site run by private developers.